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Hello, you’re very welcome to my “freelance writer” website! My name is Eoin, and I review (not to mention compare!) marketing SaaS. My full title, that I’ve completely made up for myself by the way, is a “SaaS Marketing Tool Review/Comparison Writer”.

I love working with brands and bloggers in the digital marketing niche, but I’m open to writing for anyone. Also, I’m willing to create content other than reviews and comparisons. 

Please, feel free to take a look around my website – and “Get in Touch” if you’ve got any queries at all. 

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Reviewing SaaS marketing tools is a great way to inject some serious cash into your business, without ever having to lift a finger!

Ok, that’s not true. 

Your reviews MUST be engaging enough to convince people to actually buy the tool, not just read the review. 

It kind of also goes without saying, but your reviews MUST be honest and provide value. I’m a digital marketer/digital marketing Masters student, SO I CAN HELP YOU HERE!

Now, this is the most important part: Your reviews MUST be Search Engine Optimised (SEO). If you can’t write content with Search Engine Visibility in mind, then your reviews will fail to attract web traffic i.e. You’ll never earn a big, fat affiliate commission. 

Also, brand identity is a huge part of marketing nowadays, so your reviews MUST match your brand’s tone and style. I ghost write A LOT, so I can help. 

Finally, doing all this takes time, can be confusing, and, not to mention, the conundrum of trying to rule the SERPs in a niche as competitive as marketing – NIGHTMARE! 

So, hire me – I’ll do all the heavy lifting for you!



 Digitalisation is occurring rapidly with more and more brands integrating online technology into their marketing campaigns – that’s no secret. 

So, you’ve got a decision to make. 

The Options: 

1. Do Nothing – Pass up the opportunity to compare and contrast these tools, allowing your competitors to swoop in and establish themselves as the authority in your niche.


2. Get In On The Action!Take control by hiring a content writer (Like Me!) who can craft engaging, SEO marketing SaaS comparisons in your voice. 

I’ve been reviewing, comparing and rating these tools for a while now and I’ve quite a few published articles – I know what I’m doing

I pride myself on creating quality posts that’ll help your business generate more leads, increase conversions, and, above all else, result in an outstanding ROI.

 So, if you want to make passive income online (with unbelievably low overheads), be the “go-to” online presence when it comes to marketing SaaS buying decisions, and establish unwavering customer loyalty by providing a valuable service… 


Am I just a "SaaS Marketing Tool Review/Comparison Writer", or maybe, something more...

  • I also write “Best of” articles
  • I’m a digital marketing masters student
  • I’ve got experience writing about a multitude of marketing SaaS platforms
  • I received an overall grade 2-1 in my BA studying English and Geography 
  • I love dogs!
  • I’m addicted to doing the trapbar deadlift for some reason :/

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