I Write High-Converting, SEO Reviews and Comparisons for Brands and Blogs in the SaaS and Marketing niches.

Are you busy running your business, but still need some well-written reviews and comparisons for your website? 

Why not let me do that for you!

My name is Eoin, and I’m a professional writer who reviews and compares SaaS marketing tools. 


Reviewing SaaS marketing tools is a great way to inject some serious cash into your business, without ever having to lift a finger!

Ok, that’s not true. 

These reviews have to be engaging enough to convince people to actually buy the tool, not just read the review. 

Your review also has to be Search Engine Optimised. If you don’t know how to write your review for Search Engine visibility, then it won’t get seen and you won’t earn a big fat, juicy affiliate commission. Full stop. 

Finally, your review has got to match your brand’s tone and style, otherwise you’ll come off way too sales oriented.  

But, don’t be worrying about any of these things. Instead, just hire me. I’ll do all the heavy lifting for you!