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Marketing Tool Reviews

Testing and writing about marketing tools is my bread and butter. If you’re looking for Search Engine Optimised reviews, like this one on SERPWoo – ranked third within Google’s SERPs, then what are you waiting for?

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Marketing SaaS Review Writer – That Also Does Comparisons?


Comparing and contrasting tools can be just as valuable as reviews in terms of growing your brand’s reputation and establishing long term customer loyalty. I can help you deliver true value to your customers by providing clear buying decisions on evenly matched marketing software.

Published on December 17th of 2020 and already top of the SERPs

ASINspector vs JungleScout

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If you want to increase your brand awareness, build trust, and boost conversions while simultaneously providing a top-notch customer experience – what are you waiting for?

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Best of Marketing Tools by Niche

As a marketing SaaS review writer, I’ve learned a thing or two about what tools rock and what tools, well, don’t.

And because you love your customers, why not be their personal marketing SaaS consultant? Help them by providing lists of only the best, most robust marketing tools that aid in eCommerce, benefit small businesses, or just enhance plain ole’ marketing efforts.

If being the go-to authority in your niche sounds like a positive ROI, why are you still reading this page?

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Marketing SaaS Review & Comparison Writer – Pricing

Ok, pricing is a slippery slope. If a piece of content is requested on a tool that I’m familiar with, then I don’t charge as much. That’s just because research and time is less of a drain on my resources.

Generally, though, I charge 30c per word as a standard rate (EURO).

If it’s an extremely competitive keyword, then I’ll most certainly charge more because it’ll require closer attention to “content score” for SEO. Also, it’s going to take longer to perfect. So, I’ll obviously be charging more for my time.

The good news for you is my pricing never exceeds 50c per word!

Here’s some more good news for you:

  • I offer quick turnaround times.
  • My writing is engaging and conversion-driven, so you’re paying for results.
  • I’ve had multiple pieces of content rank on the first page of Google.
  • I’ll help you generate more leads by driving consistent organic traffic to your site using SEO content.
  • I do a tonne of research, but if I feel I can’t help – I’ll tell you straight out so as not to waste your precious time.

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